Non-Denominational Services

Sunday Morning Service

We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. It’s an opportunity to gather together as a church family and allow the care and worry from our week be silenced in the presence of God. Every service features relevant Christ-centered messages and inspiring worship, allowing everyone to leave empowered to make a difference in their world.

Sunday @ 10:00 AM 3650 N. 67th Street Kansas City, KS 66104
Sunday Evening Service

Sunday Nights are for those who want more. If you can’t get enough of Jesus, then you will love our 6:00 pm service! THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE SERVICE. In fact, our Sunday Nights are the power-packed version of our already lively, services. We have seen miracles, signs, and wonder take place in all of our services, but Sunday nights take the cake!

Sunday @ 06:00 PM 3650 N. 67th Street Kansas City, KS 66104
Wednesday Evening Service

Monday and Tuesday have come and gone. Wednesday is here and you’re feeling that midweek slump physically and spiritually. What do you do? You go to Mid-Week Service on Wednesday night! Much like our Sunday evening service, Wednesday nights are a time to refuel and connect with the family of God in order to stay fresh and encouraged throughout the week.

Wednesday @ 07:00 PM 3650 N. 67th Street Kansas City, KS 66104