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If you want to know who we are, how'd we get here, our vision, and what makes The Cure one of the best  non-denominational churches in Kansas City click on this link below!

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Lead Pastors Kelly & Esther Lohrke

Jesus Is The Cure

The Cure - a Non-Denominational Church in Kansas City

Pastors Kelly & Esther Lohrke began The Cure, September 11th, 1993. They moved from California never having been to Kansas City. They had no idea what to expect, but they trusted that it was God who leading them. Twenty-three years later, a small group of ten people have now birthed twelve churches. It’s clearly evident that God led them over twenty years ago, and is continuing to do so today! Kelly and Esther have a saying, “We want those nobody wants”. Their huge heart is apparent in their everyday lives and in how each member is greeted by them. Win ONE. Build ONE. Send ONE. This is their mission.
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Pastor Kelly Lohrke
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