The Cure Kids

We love kids at The Cure (and we know that Jesus does too). We want to see every child grow in their relationship with God and their knowledge of the Bible, in a loving and age-appropriate environment. We have a Children’s Ministry because we hold firmly to the vision cast in Proverbs 22:6, which focuses on the training of children in the Lord’s ways. We value the significance of creating a solid foundation in Christ, so children not only know who God is but also learn who they are in Christ. We believe that establishing a strong self-identity in Christ is the first step in creating a continual expansion of The Kingdom, while allowing each individual child the opportunity to grow in their giftings, as a unique and beautiful creation of Our Heavenly Father.


We work on the development and implementation of a bible-based curriculum, while striving to keep things interactive, engaging and entertaining for all children.  We believe that each and every child is a gift from God and do our very best to accommodate all learning styles, creating an all-inclusive environment and open invitation for all.


We believe that our purpose or vision as a church (Win. Build. Send), is not limited to the adult congregation, but an open invitation for all ages to take part in what the Lord is doing through The Cure.


To join this ministry, first complete our churches ATC Class offered on Sunday mornings. These classes will teach, empower, and equip you to take the next step in ministry. Then, fill out a ministry application and complete a  background check. After these steps are completed an interview will be set up with one of our pastors and we will help find the perfect place for you.