Best Church in Kansas City: Obstacles Bring Victory Pt.2

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We truly believe that we are the best church in Kansas City! We are a church that understands the highs and lows of everyday life and like family, we are here for you whatever you are facing.

As the best church in Kansas City we know that sometimes it can be tough to navigate in the life we live which is why we have our church family to lean on when you can’t understand what God is doing.

Just like the people of Israel saw water turned to blood, frogs, hail and fire, and the 1st born die. Yet when they hit an obstacle they doubted God and Moses.  Can I tell you when we are complaining we can’t hear the voice of God or the voice of a spiritual father.

When we doubt God we want to put a face on it.  We will blame a spouse, some other loved one, or the very leader God gave us to lead us to freedom.

How many problems have we started with our negative words?  Let’s stop complaining, lying, and speaking negatively and start looking to the God who never lies.

He said all things work together for our good.  Trials, difficulties, and obstacles teach us to walk in faith and obedience.  But we don’t like putting ourselves in the position of faith because this is a realm out of our control.

The Israelites were before the sea doubting God and doubting Moses.  Yet it was that same sea that God used to destroy their enemies.  What if we stopped looking at our troubles saying,

“Oh God!  What am I going to do?”

Instead let’s look at our troubles and say,

“Oh God!  What are You going to do?”

Another example in the Bible of how to handle trials was Joseph.  He was thrown into a pit by his brothers, sold in to slavery, was falsely accused and thrown into prison.  But it was this very path of one trial after another that led Joseph to his promotion.  He woke up a slave and in the same day went to bed second only to Pharaoh!

Oh we all want trials to end quickly.  We don’t want to go through the process.  We want fast results but God has a spiritual plan.  God cares more about you than he does the need before you.

It’s ironic that with our limited knowledge we actually think we know how a problem is going to play out.  Past personal experiences or how someone else went through a difficulty are not always a guarantee that your trial will turn out the same way.  Because every situation is different we need to listen to and follow the Holy Spirit.

We may not always be able to hear God’s voice as we face an obstacle.  This is when we need to trust in the man of God in our lives.  We need to listen as he reminds us all God has done.  Just as God provided manna in the wilderness, gave the Israelites shoes that didn’t where out, and protected them and still the Israelites forgot all that in their trial, we also are prone to forget God’s goodness.  Having leaders to remind us to stand still and see the salvation of God is valuable in the midst of a crisis.

Finally it is through trials that we grow, learn trust, and are strengthened to keep shining our lights.  You have a huge trial before you as big as the sea that stood before the children of God?  You have a God who is greater!


Pray This

God in every trial you are present, you are to be trusted, and you are compassionate.  It is your Son who ever lives to make intercession for me.  It is Your Spirit, Your Word, and men and women of God who help me navigate every obstacle and remind me not to complain but to praise you.  In my trials help me to learn and to grow more like Your Son.  I believe all things work together for my good!  In Jesus name…



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