Cure Groups

Your relationship with God is the most important relationship you are called to have. But it’s not the only relationship you are asked to have: because life is not meant to be lived alone, God calls you into a life lived in community with other believers.


Because life revolves around relationships, Cure Groups are a great way to connect with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Cure Groups are a place where you can ask questions about God and the Bible while growing in your relationship with God and others.


This is the model of the early church as found in Acts 2:42, “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals, and to prayer.” No matter how large the church gets, you will never get lost in the crowd because of those relationships that you have within your Cure Group.

Ben & Chelsea Barlow
7:00pm Call for location 913.706.9926
Shawn & Lauren Johnston
7:00pm 6441 Blue Ridge Blvd. 816.877.5448
Shannon & Tierra Miller
7:00pm 12909 E. 39th Terrace S. 816.986.0217
Xavi & Nesha Rodriguez
7:00pm 1700 N. 73rd Terrace 913.636.6608
Jhon & Becca Guillaume
7:00pm Gladstone, MO 816.372.4166
Juan & Kaleigh Gonzalez
7:00pm 3008 N. 71st 913.944.8612
Jeremiah & Tiffany Hicks
7:00pm 811 Grand Blvd Unit 201 913.317.6108
Elijah & Pamela Wyatt
Fri - 7:00 pm & Sat - 10am 2400 N. 51st Street 913.433.6209
Angel & Shannon Verdugo (The Cure Youth)
7:00 pm 3650 N 67th St Kansas City, KS 913.951.1100
Sean & Bianca Ekukinam
7:00pm 6425 N. Kirkwood Ave.
Joseph & Karla Tudon
7:00pm 8600 Schweiger Court #601