Family Church in KCK: Much Work, Few Workers pt. 2

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“Why are we a family church in KCK?”

Because God has need of every generation and desires to touch every age, every culture, every demographic.

As a family church in KCK we know that family was God’s idea from the start. He incorporated examples of family throughout the Bible for us to see His heart as a Father for us.

There is a harvest of young people who will become teens living for trouble.  They need the Gospel.  There is a harvest of women who have been abused, lied to, abandoned.  They need to hear there is a God who will protect them and nothing can pluck them out of His hand.  There are men who are weak in convictions, character, and emotions who need to know they can do all things thorugh Christ.  There are people who are derelict and mentally ill, but when they stand before Christ they will be in their right minds.

All God wants to know is did someone bring the Gospel to these who are lost?

Jesus said,

The harvest is great, but the workers are few. 

It’s hard to preach this sort of message to a culture that is all about itself.  It’s difficult when sacrifice is not part of a generations vocabulary.

There are too many who are rejecting God’s call and embaracing a false Gospel.  They want the cross with no repentance and no sacrifice.  This is the Gospel of me-ism that only seeks what it can get out of God.

What if God told you to quit school and follow Him?  What if God told you to give up that job you just got and told you to follow Him?  I’m not saying God will have you make such sacrifices but Jesus told twelve to drop everything and follow Him and they did just that.

Answer the call!  The Harvest truly is great and time is growing short.

Be His laborer!


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