Family Church in Kansas City: Yesterday Is Gone pt.2

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As a family church in Kansas City we are constantly thinking about the future. What is God doing now to prepare for what he will do through the next generation?


Right now this family church in Kansas City is asking, what about today’s man? Samuel represented what God is doing today.  From a boy, when Eli first taught him to recognize the voice of God, to now a grown man Samuel lived to hear God’s voice.  Many of us say we want to hear God’s voice but what God has to say can make you uncomfortable.

God told Samuel to stop crying over Saul, yesterday’s man.  God wanted Samuel to focus on tomorrow’s man David.   However Samuel had an emotional investment in Saul.  Samuel had to obey what God was saying today, trust God, and break off a relationship that wasn’t going to be part of tomorrow.

Often we have an emotional tie to the past.  God says stop crying over yesterday’s move.  Make a break from the past and look to tomorrow.  Yes, necessary changes are hard to make but trust God.  He knows what He is doing.

And finally we come to tomorrow’s man.

Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. 1 Sam 16:13

God told Samuel to forget about Saul and go anoint one of Jesse’s sons.  But when Saul arrived God passed over all the sons of Jesse.  They looked good.  They were tall, strong, and looked kingly.  And as soldiers in King Saul’s army they wore Saul’s armor.  To Samuel they must have looked familiar.

As we turn from the past to look towards what God is doing next we should beware of the familiar.  Often those things that are familiar are comfortable, soothing, and keep us locked in the past without us knowing it.  The familiar can cause us to miss the very next move of God.

After God passed over the sons of Jesse Samuel asked if there was anyone else.  Jesse had presented all the sons he was proud of.  He presented the ones he thought were qualified.

Perhaps you are feeling over looked.  Maybe you have experienced some rejection from your own family or others important to you.  David was young, inexperienced, and overlooked by his own father.  But he was not overlooked by God because he wasn’t seeing a position he was seeking God himself.

David was anointed by Samuel and the first public thing he did after that was kill Goliath. Then he had victory after victory as he served in Saul’s army.  Saul, in his jealousy, tried to kill David.

Yesterday’s man will always try to kill tomorrow’s man.  People who used to be on the cutting edge of God’s move, who used to have victories themselves will try to stop those who are rising up from achieving their potential in God.

David knew he was tomorrow’s man.  He knew once God removed Saul from his the throne it would be his.  But at no time did David dishonor Saul.  David feared God and would not even touch His anointed.

Those who are tomorrow’s men and women can learn from David.  Never attack or dishonor past movements or the people God used to move through.  Even if yesterday’s men try to throw a wet blanket on your fire or slander you walk in respect and honor towards them.

Great men of God know that it’s not the victories that step you into your call. Knowing how to handle trials, defeat, and rejection is just preparation you need as you step into that position that the next move of God will bring your way.

Let’s pray.

God at some point in our life we will all face the memories of yesterday, the challenges of today, and the uncertainty of the unknown tomorrows that lie ahead.  Help me Father to walk as a learner of Christ who was meek and humble at heart and only did those things He saw you doing.  I want to stay fresh and on the cutting edge of whatever you are doing Lord.  I don’t want to get stuck in whatever You used to do nor do I want to get ahead of you.  I want to walk with your Spirit Father.  Let the fear of God be upon me always and may I always show honor, even to those who dishonor me.  In the name of Jesus, amen.


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